Friday, March 1, 2013

Sketchy start in deeep sawthh!

That was one heck of a long drive: 24hrs, non stop, 2 drivers. Trying to sleep in a Pontiac Vibe isnt easy done when its packed with stuff, no room for the legs, no comfy spot to rest your head, not much real sleep all in all. Anyways, a huge thank goes to my lovely Mrs for driving a shit ton more then me even with a cold. Im soft, she's a tank. That makes a lot of place to drive through: Ontario, New-York, Pennsylvania, West-Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessie and finaly Georgia. I would have hoped for warmer temperature, its barely 5 C, its windy, quite cold, but anyways, we're here, lets have fun!

So I went for a little recon ride, checking if the loop I maped out using google maps was rideable and also hitting some trails. All good until I realized my SRM stoped working!!! Oh bummer! In my excitment, I had not tightened the cranks enough and there was a sligh play which moved the crank too far away from the magnet. Result: no cadence, no power. Came back home, made some tests and I think it will be all good to go tomorrow. I only need to buy some super glue and glue my magnet back on right in the sweet spot, these SRM can be picky when it comes to cadence sensor.

So I ended the day with a Z2 ride with quite some time in Z3 because I was not sure I'd make it back home in time, having been delayed by the SRM issues.

Tonight is restaurant time with the Mrs and her uncle, hopefully not too much wine and a good night's sleep after, we need some rest.

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