Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easy day

Thats a proper holiday morning: coffee, cereals and internet stuff. Today is going to be very easy. I might head out in a few hours for a short spin. Legs are so sore and lower back is still very achy too.

I was so disapointed yesterday when we got to the japanese restaurant: my uber-awesome spicy BBQ beef was not on the menu!! They removed it some time ago. Oh gosh I waited so long for that thing and it wasnt available anymore. Needless to say I was very pissed. Sandra chose a Filet Mignon Hibachi with fried rice and I chose the overly deep fried General Tao with fried rice. The rice.... FRIED it is. Cooked on the plate with oil and scrambled eggs then tons of butter thrown in. It makes a very tasty rice but so unhealthy. Thats without talking about the General Tao's chicken. Lots of batter and sweet sauce coating some chicken? Yeah I think there was some chicken in there. Anyways, lucky im riding a bunch, otherwise the food would make me crazy. Its hard to keep good nutritional habits when you're far away from home.

Not much file analysis so far I know. Long rides are not that exciting to analyse exept maybe for the kJ expandure and time in zones when riding the trails. Though dont be too disapointed as I will analyse some files thoroughly when im back home doing intense work. I will also analyse race files as soon as the racing season satrts.

Stay tuned as I will also write a post on how I will calibrate my SRM at home. Pictures included.

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