Monday, March 4, 2013

First big ride

 Crazy what you can find in the US. Such cheap clothing and shoes. Me and the Mrs went for some shoping in the morning while it was cold outside. Bought some cool shoes and shirts for very little money ahah, awesome!

So today was the first big ride I was doing during our holidays in GA. Those long rides are hard mentally. Good thing I meet someone riding on my loop. He was kind enough to show me arround and he made me discover new places I will certainly go back to on my next rides.

Good ride once again, it was warm enough I could ditch the headwear, the jacket, the wool socks and winter gloves! I even had to wear my tinted lenses! Good steady work with a total of over 3500kJ and some good time logged in Z1 and Z2. Lots of energy expended that needs to be replaced tonight. Now its recovery time andlet the body do its little thing. The master switch should be switched on with that amount of work by a different signal then it would when doing intense work. Tomorrow will be either off or a very light ride, I'll need that recovery time.

Tonight we're going in a Japanese restaurant we went 2 years ago. Since then I am dreaming about their spicy BBQ beef. Time to get that awesome meal, hope it tastes as good as it was 2 years ago!

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