Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shreding and ripping corners in GA

After yesterday's little exploration ride, it was time for a first proper training day. Good night of sleep made it even more motivating. It has been a long time since I woke up past 8h30 AM. I feel I will need at least another good night and maybe two more before I catch back on yesterday's missed sleep. Though I've heard you can't catch back missed sleep...

So I headed out under a very light, melting snow and arround 2-3 C. The trails were open today so I went there, about 45min of riding from where im staying. I rode the trails for about 2h30 and then came back the same way I had gotten there. These trails were quite nice actually. Very, very flowy and fast with a significant lack of tecnical features. They were really fun to ride nevertheless and it was a good high speed bike handling skills practice. Ground is mostly hard pack, twisty singletracks with very little elevation; the perfect conditions to fly! Killing those corners at high speed was fun and im starting to trust those new tires I just got, some Kenda Small Block 8.

Trail riding means loads of fun but also very stochastic power output, very little control on it and a lot of coasting time and soft pedaling. Therefore, a lot of time is spent in Z1 and a few spikes are forced by the terrain which means some time is also logged in Z5 and Z6. Overall though, it was still a good workout, fitnesswise and for skills too. Finished the day with 2500kJ. Lots of food on the menu tonight, with some wine of course, but not too much if I want to go ride tomorrow. Alcool isnt the best thing for recovery and sleep, I should write about that in a near futur.

 This is about as technical as it gets here in Georgia. At least where I am.

Hardpack clay: fast!

Tomorrow will be another trail workout but with more time on the roads too. Should be good.

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