Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Racing's over, time to relax on and off the bike

Last week-end was the final event of my racing season, an 8h team relay event on a very nice course with some fast riders. The event was such an awesome time to catch up with some riders, chat, hit the course multiple time and just relax inbetween laps. I met Antoine Caron over there, a very down to earth guy, super symptathic! Enjoyed the chat with this guy who's apprently a bit of a weight-weenie and training geek too!

The team relay was a very good training session. Nine laps lasting anywhere between 12 and 13 minutes. Hitting the same lines nine times means you get to try some new angles, new approach and exit speeds and it is a very good bike handling practice a race-pace-ish speeds.

Now racing is over and it's time to get off that rigid training schedule, sleep patern and constant riding. Up until the end of the month I will be riding whenever I want to and I'll pick back up lifting too. I've mounted some agressive tanky tires on my bike and will go out for some serious trail shreding with jumps and stuff, should be good!

Im definitly looking foward to my winter training. It should be interesting and I should have a few good training topics to write about. Stay tuned for more updates. Meanwhile, im off to the couch!

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