Saturday, April 13, 2013

Racing form is coming along nicely

Spring WAS here this week and could log some decent ride outside. Did some very good tempo efforts during the week, which at the time did not feel that hard but got me pretty fatigue on following days. Skipped a Vo2max workout to allow better recovery and did the workout today. The damn snow ruined everything and I was confined to the trainer yet again.

Road were clean this week and there was very little snow left on the ground

So I asked myself  why not make it an epic trainer ride? Set my trainer in the garage with door opened so I could see the snow fall, but it turned into rain. It was pretty cold in the garage and I started with multiple layers, removing some parts gradually until I was comfortable. I officialy had my first outdoor ride without leg warmers! I could make it past my Vo2 intervals. I chose 3 minutes efforts at 115% FTP. I dont know what's wrong with 3 minutes efforts but they are pure DEATH. Especially the first 2 intervals. Maybe the greater anaerobic contribution and O2 deficit caused by higher intensity make them feel harder. I usually like 4 minutes efforts at 110% FTP. They feel totally different then 3 minutes ones. At least I could make it through all intervals without droping intensity, which is quite good.

Today's office view

Overall it was a very good week of training with good numbers. Got to keep things nice and steady until racing starts. Recovery is even more important then before so I need to watch energy intake and sleep a lot. Hopefully this is the last snow and it clears rapidely, so we can keep tuning our racing shape!

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